Best platforms which you can use to listen to Blues Music

Music is crucial in our lives. Whether through playing it ourselves or listening to it at home, at work, or even on the go. And now, thanks to advances in mobile technologies, besides betting online and listening to the latest tracks, people around the globe can access their favorite songs from almost anywhere they happen to be.


This is a web-based audio streaming service that lets you stream music for free while paying only when you want to add more tracks (Spotify Premium). Are you a gambler?, listen to casino music here. It also allows users to share playlists with friends and enjoy personal radio stations based on artists or genres. Spotify was founded by Daniel Ek, Martin Lorentzon, Martin Lundstedt, Oliver Riedel, and Joakim Berg in Sweden. A year earlier, Ek had already launched the P2P file sharing service Napster along with his former college friend Sean Parker. In 2012, Spotify raised $340 million from investors including Goldman Sachs, DST Global, and TIGA Ventures. Deezer

Google Play Music

 Another excellent web-based streaming platform. Google Play Music is owned by the same group behind the Google Chrome browser – DoubleClick Inc. For a low cost, you get access to millions of songs and you can easily manage both your subscriptions and playlists. What makes Google Play Music unique is its ability to recognize and suggest relevant songs based on the artist, album, or even just the track name.

YouTube Music

 As its name suggests, this is YouTube’s music streaming service. It works similarly to Google Play Music where you can enjoy over 20 million songs. Although the catalog seems limited right now, we expect the number to grow rapidly over the next few years. It is currently accessible on PCs, tablets, and mobile phones through the mobile version of YouTube.

Apple Music

Apple Music is powered by Beats technology and is available on iOS devices only. While the basic subscription plan costs $9.99 per month, you can get discounts if you subscribe for three months upfront. There is no option to download individual tracks like Spotify. Instead, you can create your custom stations using the curated Playlist feature.

Youtube Red 

If you love listening to music while watching videos on Youtube, then Youtube Red is the one for you. It offers ad-free background playback along with offline video storage, as well as access to tons of free music.


 This is among the most popular social networking sites dedicated solely to online music. Founded by Alexander Ljung, this website lets users upload, record, and share any type of musical content. You can follow others’ channels to find interesting music. You may also upload your creations and make them available to everyone. The site also provides a library of thousands of user-created sounds which you can search and browse freely.


 If you love music, then you will surely love Pandora. Originally started as a way to help listeners discover new bands and albums. This website has evolved into one of the leading streaming platforms today. Using the music data gathered by its algorithm, the company compiles customized radio stations based on the tracks you request and/or choose to skip. You can create personalized stations in five languages: English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian. Additionally, it lets you save your favorites so you do not have to re-enter all your preferences every time you log back in.

TuneIn Radio

This is a great alternative radio app to Pandora. Just open up the App, select your preferred genre, tap “Listen Now!”, and you are ready to rock. With more than 100,000 radio stations available, there is bound to be something that suits your taste.


Amazon Prime Music

This is an awesome cloud-based music streaming service that works seamlessly across multiple devices (tablets, smartphones, computers). Not only is there a huge selection of music at your fingertips, but you also get unlimited access to Prime Video too.


 Similar to SoundCloud, MusicBee also allows artists to upload their music and share it with other users. However, unlike many other online music stores, you don’t need to pay a monthly fee to stream or download the tracks directly from the website. Artists can earn additional revenue using “MusicBee Points” which they can later redeem against merchandise.


This is a site dedicated solely to independent musicians. You can purchase digital copies of recordings and even physical items such as t-shirts and posters.


 Formerly known as HiFiLife, Tidal was bought out by Jay Z . It boasts a large collection of high-quality audio content including live concerts, DJ mixes, exclusive interviews, and podcasts. A 1 TB annual subscription costs about $20 but is worth every penny.


The Internet is flooded with the amount of music that you need. Not only would you be overwhelmed but you can find amusement in it. Music plays a very crucial aspect in our lives, gamblers can listen to music whilst playing Online casino games. Moreover, most casino games have music in their background.