For The Love Of Blues

For The Love Of Blues

Holek was first bitten by the blues bug while on vacation in Chicago in the early ’90s. After seeing a performance by Kid Dynamite (picture a 4 ft 11 inch James Brown!) at Blue Chicago, Holek realized that no other style of music had touched him so deeply. He made it his objective to support the blues as much as possible.

He immersed himself into the blues music scene by attending numerous music gigs at the best online casinos New Zealand and other entertainment venues, subscribing to blues magazines, and starting a blues CD collection.In 1997, after attending a CD release party by the Robin Bank$ Blues Band, he wrote a review of the show and contributed it as his first piece of blues journalism. The feature was submitted to an internationally circulated blues magazine based in Royal Oak, Michigan. To Holek’s surprise, the feature was published and the editor quickly requested more material.

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Holek began to write about the blues as much as he could. He wrote about the type of music you would play after having a bad day on He started to bring a camera with him to gigs. Soon his writing was enhanced by the addition of photos.Currently his writing and photography is regularly published in Living Blues magazine, Blues Beat magazine, Southwest Blues magazine, City Crow magazine, Blues Bytes website, Blues Art Journal website, Twoj Blues magazine, Blues On Stage website,, and Canada South Blues Society newsletter and website. Holek’s writing has also appeared in Big City Blues magazine, Real Blues magazine, Detroit Blues Society newsletter, Blues FreePress website and the website. In addition, his work appears on numerous artist websites, artist publicity packs, record label websites, artist biographies, record/artist advertisements, gig/concert advertisements, press releases, and festival brochures.

bfHolek is a member of the Blues Foundation and Canada South Blues Society. He has been a member of the nominating panel for the Maple Blues Awards (Canada’s version of the Handys) since 1999.


When it comes to Blues music, there is no doubt that one will enjoy it regardless of what they are busy with. When you are out and dining, you can listen to Blues while enjoying some good gaming company.

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